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Custom Nutrition Plans

Get Fit Muscles is not about diets!!!  It's about living a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone is different, and therefore requires different plans.  It is my job to educate each individual on what they should be eating and at what time of day.  You will not starve, yet you will eat well balanced meals based on your likes and dislikes.  Nutrition is EVERYTHING! Nutrition is a LIFESTYLE! I'm going to help you change your eating habits to make you feel better from the inside out!


Custom Weight Lifting Plans

I will create an entire workout for you to bring to the gym and do on your own.  Each day contains a muscle group, explaining the exercise, weight amount, repetitions, sets and rest periods. Weight training is extremely important to incorporate into your workout regimen to aid in muscle tone and weight loss. The more your push your body in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories you burn to come back to a state of rest. The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an after burn effect where your metabolism is burning more calories for hours after a workout to return this state of equilibrium.

Custom Cardio Plans

Cardio plans are based on each clients MHR (Max heart rate) and age.  Your program will cover HIIT (high intensity interval training) in order to give you the best results for weight-loss and or toning. High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are shorter, challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allow you to cut your training time in half.




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