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"My Simple Fitness/Nutrition Plans to get YOU into the BEST SHAPE of your life on your own time!


Sign-ups are now open for my 1 , 2 and 3 month challenges. It's time to GET IN SHAPE!


With this challenge package, you'll receive everything you need to achieve fast, maintainable results including:

  MEAL PLAN:  How to eat properly for your body type and goals! Simple/Custom meal plans to follow that are easy to make!  
  TRAINING PLAN:  The exercises you need to compliment your body type.  Exercises that will get you the sexy curves you're looking for!  
  CARDIO PLAN:  A cardio plan that is geared for your goals in a specific amount of time. No need to spend hours running!!  
  EMAIL SUPPORT:  Check-ins and questions  
  EXTRAS:  How to build a legs/butt,  Ab workouts, Nutritional guidelines booklet  



Don't Take My Word For It!


"I have been working out with Sarah for a month now non stop and have been seeing amazing results ALREADY!
I have leaned out and have gained muscle in this time. Her work outs are very detailed and so isn't the nutrition aspect of it.  I would and will most defiantly recommend her to people. SHE IS THE BEST TRAINER!!!!" -Ana


"I went to Sarah to get in shape for my wedding and honeymoon, but more importantly to learn healthier lifestyle habits. I lost the weight I wanted to lose (20+ pounds), inches all over my body and I felt great in my wedding dress and bikini. And now I have the nutrition and exercise knowledge to continue on my healthier path. Mission accomplished!" -Kelly

"After 5 months of hard work and encouragement from Sarah I have started eating better, gained my confidence back, & working out everyday... Sarah keeps me on track & focused on what I need to do... She is AMAZING!!!! I am truly amazed at my transformation!!! I took a chance and it was the best thing I could have ever done!!!"  -Marcy "I wasn't happy with how I felt/looked and needed a change. I wanted my confidence back. I knew Sarah would be the one to help me achieve my goals. With the vigorous workout sessions and nutritional meal plans that she provided, I was able to achieve my goals. However, not only is she a mentor but has also inspired me to strive for more." -Karen


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